You may already know, or have been hearing a lot about cannabidiol or ‘CBD’ and its health benefits.  CBD is the part of cannabis that does not get you high.

Many Canadians accessing CBD through the new recreational retailers aren’t trying to get high, they just want to get well.  


A Call for Smart Regulation of CBD

In partnership with the Canadian Hemp Trade Alliance, CHFA released a white paper calling on the Canadian government to introduce smart regulation of CBD products.

CBD is a natural health product, not a recreational drug, and it is time for government to introduce appropriate regulations for CBD products.



you should also legally have the choice to purchase CBD as a natural health product that supports your health.

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The government has decided that CBD must be sold as recreational drug, or a prescription drug. 

That means that unless you talk to your doctor and get a medical document, CBD can only legally be purchased in recreational stores.  And recreational products do not have labels to tell you how much to take, for what reason, or for how long. 


We believe that CBD should be approved by Health Canada as a natural health product, just like other natural substances.   



And like other natural products, you should be able to buy CBD at your local natural health product retailer.  You shouldn’t have to hunt for it in a store that sells products made to get you high. 

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We believe that if you can legally purchase THC and choose to get high, you should also legally have the choice to purchase CBD as a natural health product that support your health.

If you agree that it should be easier to get well than to get high, please help us spread the word using the link below. 

Ask decision makers in Ottawa to reverse the decision to make CBD a prescription only product.