Have you heard of cannabidiol or ‘CBD’ and its potential health benefits? Unlike THC, CBD is the part of cannabis that does not get you high.

Many Canadians are interested in using CBD to support their health, for uses such as improved sleep, stress relief and acute pain reduction.


Today, CBD is legally sold as a recreational product, or a prescription drug. Unless you talk to your doctor and get a medical document, CBD products can only be purchased in recreational cannabis stores. 

Canadians want and deserve better access to CBD health products, and current access is not meeting the demand in Canada.

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The Government’s proposed solution would require CBD health products to be produced under the controls of the Cannabis Act, and sold only in provincially licensed recreational stores.

This “solution” would continue to treat CBD health products like recreational substances.


According to the World Health Organization, CBD is “generally well tolerated with a good safety profile.” As a safe and non-intoxicating natural substance, CBD should not be sold alongside recreational products.



Instead, CBD should be permitted as an ingredient in natural health products (NHPs). Like other NHPs, you should be able to buy CBD health products at your local health food store.

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Canadians want regulations for CBD health products that make sense. Help us help you gain access to safe products, available where you shop, while helping the Canadian industry to thrive.

Do you agree that Canadians should have improved access to CBD health products?

Ask decision makers in Ottawa to reverse the decision to introduce smart regulations for CBD.